“I’m writing this line after the whole review was written and I got to say that this is an actual, honest, review and experience I had with Windows 10 and if you are not looking for that , then this post isn’t for you. This isn’t a full review.”

Well, I do not really know where to start.

At first everybody told me that Windows 10 is great! I was pretty excited that I can get it. Though somehow the reservation never appeared for me, I installed Windows 10 by the MediaCreation tool by Microsoft which you can find the tutorial here. I have to say I’m not at all liking Microsoft servers for that app because I had many troubles downloading that I had to ask my friend in another Country to download it for me and upload it somewhere I can easily download from. So, first problem goes there.

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I really liked the upgrading process which had a lot of very nice animations and effects and it didn’t at all bore me. The upgrading took me around 10 minutes with my pretty fast SSD so be patient. So the windows got booted up and I was like “YES, FINALLY”.


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It got up and the first thing I realized was the lack of controlling my brightness.  So I checked up on my device manager and yeah! I didn’t have much of drivers. So I opened up Acer’s website (I have Acer Aspire V15 Nitro) and downloaded all the drivers for windows 10 and I was thankful that they actually had a tab for windows 10. So I Installed every single driver from there. It was fine, brightness came back, everything was going fine!

I rebooted the laptop.

On Windows 8.1, I had a boot time of 1.2 secs and the second ACTUAL problem that I went through was when I rebooted the laptop. Yeah a little bit longer on bios, but A BLACK SCREEN AFTER BIOS !!! So that thing was there for 10 seconds and the login screen came on.

Things were complicated for about two days. For example, I couldn’t get SOME desktop icons to the last row (nearest row to the taskbar).

So things were going complicated but well and I was trying to adapt till I tried to unrar some file and my laptop froze! That is highly unlikely with a computer which is rocking 16GB ram which is not MUCH, but it’s enough for all Normal-High activities a person does in a day. And I have to say, I use my laptop like “CRAZY”, a lot of renderings, editing, gaming, compressing, compiling and all crazy activities a person can do with a computer. So when a single THING like that happens, you can imagine what I go through mentally about the whole idea of Windows 10.

So I knew there is an option to go back to Windows 8.1 with a single button, so I got happy I didn’t remove the windows.old folder because that’s where it comes from 😛 And remember that you SHOULDN’T remove the windows.old folder in your C drive in the first month so you can go back if you want. The option is only available for a 30 days after you upgrade to windows 10. So I went there and Clicked on the option and got my windows back, GOT MY SPEED BACK. Right away I realized the speed increase I had in every menu of 8.1 and the booting, AMAZING AGAIN. The changes I made in windows 10, were back in 8.1, so this isn’t just some IMG file or anything taken by windows when installing Windows 10, I don’t know what to call it, but it’s a good job Microsoft did there. And I have to say that the getting back to windows 8.1 option only took 3-4 minutes which was impressive!

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So at the end, Windows 10 didn’t just work for me at this point but I’ll definitely upgrade again anytime in the next few months and I hope at that point , Microsoft had Fixed all the issues I faced and went through because overall you can see that Microsoft really did some great job by for example combining the TWO of everything that are there with windows 8.1 (for example , control panel is still there, but I’m sure it’ll soon be gone because the new metro version of it, is some real good stuff. The metro version has more functions now than in Windows 8.1).

Microsoft did some amazing work and I really liked every single thing about it (MULTIPLE DESKTOPS FEATURE IS AMAZING for another example) except the bugs I went through. I’m sure they’ll fix it soon and I’ll be happy with it.

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Windows 10 Review