After the launch of the Gear Fit 2 fitness tracker, Samsung is stepping into the next level by launching its latest wireless earbuds called Samsung Gear IconX. The Gear IconX is not a usual wireless earbuds, but it is the earbuds with fitness tracker embedded in it. It has a lot of features, but the main function of the Gear IconX is to help you with your fitness activities.

This device is equipped with various built-in fitness tracker features. For instance, you can track your steps, calories, and heart rate with this little device. Then, you can sync all the fitness data with the Samsung Health’s app in order to keep you informed about your fitness progress.

When we take a look at the hardware, the Samsung wireless earbuds offer many features as well. The Gear IconX gives you a truly wireless experience for your fitness activities. There are no wires attached on the earbuds, even between each piece, and all of the operations of this device are done via Bluetooth. However, because there are no wires attached to this device, you need to charge the device regularly in order to use it. It comes with a wireless charger that allows you to use the earbuds for about 3.5 hours before the next charge.

Not only that, you can stream music directly to your earbuds, with the built-in 3.5GB of storage space, which you can use to store your music there. The Gear IconX also has two microphones, with water resistant feature that protects your device from damage caused by water while using the device.