Recently, Ubisoft released some trailers that show the footage of Watch Dogs 2, the successor of Watch Dogs, Ubisoft’s open world game with hacking theme. In the trailers, we can see many new improvements that are offered in the game, making it the worthy successor of the first game. Not only that, we know that the game is going to be released very soon, in just a few months ahead. Without hearing back much about the development of Watch Dogs 2, it is a surprise for most of us to learn that the game is going to be released this quickly.

Watch Dogs 2’s theme is still the same, which pertains to the world of computer hacking, with new protagonists, better game mechanics, and a revamped game environment. Parkour is becoming a new thing in Watch Dogs 2, along with several other interesting things. For instance, the game will promise a better vehicle handling, a bigger world that players are free to explore, more challenging police pursuit, and a more prominent use of hacking as the game’s main theme.

The story will be more complex, and the missions are going to be more diverse. It can be said that this game is going to become a huge leap forward from the first game, as stated by Lionell Raynaud, the vice president of creative at Ubisoft Montreal. It’s more like the huge leap from the first Assassin’s Creed game to Assassin’s Creed 2, with Ubisoft being optimistic regarding the continuity of Watch Dogs brand in the future.

Watch Dogs 2 will be released on November 15th, 2016.