Are you looking for the best Samsung smartphone that you can buy? Samsung have recently released Samsung Galaxy A series in order to compete with Apple’s iPhone 6, with a significant improvement in the exterior design. You can see the difference when you compare it with other phones released by this company, especially the Galaxy S series, the flagship models released by Samsung.

Now, if you want to own a Samsung phone with Android operating system, there are two choices that you can make: the newer Galaxy A series, or the flagship Galaxy S series. Before choosing any one of them, you should know the difference between those two distinct models of Samsung smartphone. So, what is the difference between Galaxy A series and Galaxy S series? And more importantly, which phone is the best for you?

1. Overview

As an overview, we can say that between Galaxy A series and Galaxy S series there is one basic difference in the overall features and qualities. The S series are being released for high-end market, whereas the A series are being released mostly for mid-end market. Thus, from the target market alone, the S series are superior in terms of features and overall performance as compared with the A series. The S series will always have the latest features embedded into it, with each feature carrying the highest quality of performance.

2. Design

The two models are designed differently. The S series are designed with the basic design common in Samsung smartphones, with mostly plastic materials for its exterior. The A series, on the other hand, are designed with elegance in mind, since it is mostly used to compete with Apple’s iPhone in terms of design. Thus, you’ll see that the A series will have superior design on its exterior and material quality, in which the phone will look more beautiful and elegant when you compare it with the S series.


3. Specs

Mostly, the Galaxy S series are made with performance in mind, whereas the A series are made with the balance between exterior design and performance. Thus, in terms of specifications and the performance that it delivers, the S series will have the upper hand over the A series. We will always see that the latest S series have the highest performance when you compare it with all the smartphone models released by Samsung. With the A series, you can see that this model is being fragmented into two parts, with the first part being the models with lower specs, and the second part being the models with higher specs.








4. Price

There is a little bit of gap in the pricing between the Galaxy S series and the high-end part of the Galaxy A series. But overall, the price for the S series will always be higher because these models are released for the high-end market, whereas the A series are released for the middle to high-end market, depending on the model. So, you can always find cheaper price for the A series.

5. Conclusion

If you are looking for a phone with the highest performance and richer features, the Galaxy S series will be the best choice for you. But, if you are looking for a phone with better design, good performance, and cheaper price, the A series might be your best choice.