Grand Theft Auto V: A PC Version Expert Review


After a long wait the Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is finally out on PC. In the previous GTA, Niko Bellic became famous by doing some dreadful things, but his oppressive charming attitude hooked everyone to play the game. He was surrounded by people from underworld like Kate McReary, Mallorie Bardas and The Lost and Damned’s Ash Butler. These are some of the infamous females.


The story of this series consists of three criminals: Michael, Franklin, and Trevor.

Michael is a retired bank robber, who leads a luxurious life with his family, but on the verge of getting a divorce. He wants to get back the exciting moments of his younger days. Treavor is a desert-dwelling, meth-dealing psychopath with a twisted morality. He is capable of performing violent cruel actions and is sexually aggressive too. Franklin on the other hand is a streetwise repo man who wants a better life for himself. All the three characters are of different genre and temperament, brought together to showcase the most interesting repercussion that one have seen in GTA series till now.


All the three characters are seen to be breaking innumerable laws and making money as much as possible. The most noteworthy among the three is Michael. Usually we have seen the GTA deals with criminals who rise from a very base level to the ultimate success point, but in the case of Michael we see a kind of crisis that he faces. He misses all the thrilling experiences of his younger days, which is a bit nostalgic. He has got all the materialistic comfort and pleasure that is Earthly possible. He has a palatial mansion, a luxury car. However, he hates to lead an ideal life by spending his good old days reclining by the pool, drinking whisky, and listening to Phil Collins. When fate encounters him with Franklin, who has just begun his career, Michael finds out a new meaning of his life, and returns to the underworld more to satisfy his craving for crime than to make some money.


The game takes place within the beautiful setting of San Andreas, which is an analogue of southern California. The place, however, is vast than GTAIV’s Liberty City, and it also at the same time seems to be unending. To the south lies the city of Los Santos – a satirical reimagining of Los Angeles –and to the north there is Blaine County, a rural expanse of desert, mountain and forest. As the place is big, there are huge availability of the different types of transport vehicles too that vary from muscle cars, motorcycles and eighteen-wheelers to jet skis, fighter jets, and speedboats.

The landscape is beautiful and breathtaking while the detailing of the picture is apt. Rockstar is famous for its world-building, and this time they have done their greatest work ever. While watching the scene where the gangs are loitering on the corners of the alleyways and the police are trying to hunt them down with their helicopters, players are going to get a bone chilling, thrilling experience. On the other hand the Vinewood looks just like the Rockstar’s version of Hollywood where people roam about in expensive cars under the warmth of the sun, tourists take pictures and many more things happening ,is quite an opposite scenario. So, as mentioned, this game has got really a vast but properly arranged town.


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