By default, VirtualBox only allows you to have a maximum of 128 MB video memory in Virtualbox Settings window. But if you need to increase the video memory over 128 MB, you can follow the below steps.

You won’t be able to increase the video memory more than 256. If you do try, you will get the following error.

  • VBoxManage.exe: error: Invalid VRAM size: 512 MB (must be in range [1, 256] MB)
  1. First open CMD / Terminal and navigate to the directory where you installed VirtualBox. On Windows by default it would be in,

    so in your CMD/Terminal type in,

  2. After that, run the below command ,

    So for example if the Virtual Machine name was “Windows 10” (without quotes) then the command would be,

    This will increase my video memory to 256MB. If you run VirtualBox now and go to display in the settings window, you would see,

    and in the Manager it would show, ef32264800917b1d41db4defe85151fc


That’s it guys. You video memory would have been increased and the Guest OS will be smoother than it was before. Any questions ? Comment.

How-To Increase Video Memory VRAM in VirtualBox