Today Dropbox made a new plan available for all. The new plan is priced same as the old at 9.99$/Month or 99$/Year but with 1TB Space and not 100GB.

Dropbox Pro Features:

The new plan has the same limit as the old one which is Max 200GB bandwidth per day. It also has new features such as,

  • 1,000 GB of space for your photos, videos, docs, and other files
  • Add passwords and expirations to shared links and protect your files
  • Give view-only permissions to shared folders
  • Wipe the data on your device with remote wipe. Your data always stays secured

It looks like after the Dropbox Hack, which is still not accepted by Dropbox, Dropbox might have given out this new plan to increase their number of users and make a come back.

For me, personally Dropbox had been one of the greatest cloud service and with this offer, I will continue to use Dropbox.

You can sign up for Dropbox here.

You can Upgrade your current plan here.

Dropbox Pro