Halo: The Master Chief Collection Will Get The Next Update In A Few Days


The developer of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, 343 Industries, have released the latest information regarding the next update that will be patched to the game within the next few days. All details regarding the update has been posted in the official Halo blog recently. It seems that the developer is working quite hard to polish this game to reach its perfect condition since the initial release date.

The game was released on November 11, 2014, and soon after the release, gamers began to complain about many bugs found in the game. Based on their feedbacks, the developer of the game has promised the gamers that they will release patches for the game and they want to satisfy the gamers and perfect the game so that no more bugs will be found within the game. Up until today, the developers have released various updates to fix many problems found within the game, and the latest update will be released in the next few days.


What are the details about the latest update? Based on the developer’s blog, we can see that there will be many improvements to be made for the game. The next update will focus more on the improvements on stability, matchmaking, user interface, controls, multiplayer, and campaign.

For the stability issues, there will be improvements related to the game performance stability in single-player and multiplayer campaigns within multiple Halo titles.

For the matchmaking mechanism, the improvements will be related to fixing the matchmaking errors in the Awaiting Privileges event, increased success rate in the matchmaking search mode, some bug-fixing in the matchmaking screen as well as an additional countdown sound effect for the voting timer in the matchmaking game.


There are also improvements to be made in the user interface aspect, such as fixing the bugs related to friend’s emblem display, improved UI in the status message screen in multiplayer mode, as well as fixed small issue related to music volume level in multiplayer menu.

For the controls, there is an update related to the control layout of Halo 2.

For the multiplayer mode, you will see the improvements related to the in-game Roster, which will fix some bugs related to party joining system. Other small improvements include sticky mute icon in matchmaking mode and small issue fixes for Halo 4 weapon system.

Lastly, for the campaign mode, there will be improvements related to stat tracking for most Halo titles within The Master Chief Collection game, and fixed small issue that made players to be kicked out for destroying vehicles without passengers in Halo 3 and 4.


Those are the updates that are going to be applied on the latest patch that will come in the next few days. So, make sure that your Halo: The Master Chief Collection game will be up to date with the latest patch.

The developer will likely release other updates if the gamers found the problems related to the game later. Until then, you can expect that the next update will bring smoother experience in your gameplay throughout the game.