Recently, a rather happy news comes from Apple, a company who is well-known with its iPhone, iPad, and Mac products. They posted a report that they have earned $18 billion quarterly profit, which is so far the biggest profit that the company ever make in its own history. It means that the company is raking in $18 billion in just three months period, which is an awesome achievement that the company ever made in their business. The number is phenomenal for a corporation to earn such a level of earnings in their business, which translates into over $2,000 earnings per second. Also, this amount of profit means the biggest profit that any public company can ever make so far, worldwide.


The profit was earned by the multitudes of iPhone sales, as well as the great amount of purchases within the App Store. The sales of iPhone has reached over 74 million sales worldwide, which is also quite an achievement in itself. Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple, said that he is very thankful of the customers for a great quarter, which is phenomenal, with all-time high demand for Apple products. Thanks to the soaring numbers of customers, the company has achieved 30% revenue from last year.

The financial report contains a lot of details about the company’s business operations, especially in regard to financial circulation within the company, such as the income, expenses, tax, and so on. What’s this $18 quarter profit means for Apple? It means that the company will strive to increase their effort to provide better products and programs for their customers, increasing their quality over time.

But, the question will naturally pop out: Will Apple be able to produce similar or better profit in the next quarter? Considering the way more people appreciate Apple products, and the way Apple keep improving the quality of their products and services, especially in terms of hardware and software quality, it is always possible for this company to be able to earn more profit from their business operations.


As you might already know, Apple is constantly striving to improve their hardware and software, giving each of their product such as the iPhone and Mac with updated hardware and software that are still the best on the market. With the company’s focus on the users, it can draw more and more customers on its way, which will help the company to raise further into the height of success with their products. Apple is a brand that is already known for its quality and high standard, which also provides top-notch user-friendliness for their products.

Though this can be the company’s biggest profit in its history, the sky’s still the limit for Apple to achieve more profit in the coming years. On the other hand, though the rival companies like Google and Microsoft are nothing compared to Apple this quarter (in terms of profit), those companies may prove to be the stronger competitors for Apple in the future, not to mention the other smaller companies that are striving to provide better products and services at better price in the niche that Apple is currently in, which will make the business niche to become more saturated with brands that are competing with each other. For this, Apple as a company needs to always be geared up with the best strategy in their product development, marketing, and quality in order to stay at the top of the game.