While the wireless charging technology might have been around for quite some time, most vendors are still using the wired charging technology to power up their devices. Only recently do some vendors apply the wireless charging technology for their top-level devices. However, the wireless charging technology used by those devices still has some kind of limitations. For instance, the fact that the devices need to be put in the charging station in order to start the charging process means that people can’t use their devices while they are still on the charging station.

However, Apple is preparing a new kind of wireless charging technology that allows their future iPhone and iPad devices to be charged without having to contact the charging station. It means that you will still be able to use your iPhone or iPad while in the charging mode, as long as you can position the device near the charging station. This wireless technology may eventually be released next year, but it’s still just a rumor that can be true or not. Once this technology becomes the standard charging technology for Apple devices, though, it will completely change the way you use your devices and keep them powered up.

Though Apple will release the next-generation of iPhone this year, with the already-rumored wireless Lightning headphone technology, it seems that the wireless charging technology will not yet be implemented in the next-generation of iPhone, iPhone7. The company may start implementing the new wireless charging technology in iPhone 8, if we assume that the development of this technology will be done by next year, before the release of iPhone 8.