Starry – A New ISP That Offers Wireless Internet Network With 10 Times Faster Connection


If you are thinking of upgrading the speed of your current internet connection, there is a new wireless internet network that offers up to 1-gigabit internet connection, which means that it will provide 10 times faster internet connections than the current broadband network connection offered in the US. The new service is called Starry, and you can find the full information about this company and the services offered at Starry is a startup company based in New York and Boston that aims to provide better wireless network connection across the US.

Not only that, Starry also offers generally cheaper internet services for you who are already using regular cable and broadband connection. The service will use a complete wireless infrastructure, which means a simpler broadband installation in your home. Just by using Starry Station, the official Wi-Fi hub that is provided by the company, you can start using the broadband network from this company without any additional installation. Best of all, this device will start to ship to your address in March 2016, and it is currently available for pre-order in the official website.

The Wi-Fi hub will be priced at $350, and it offers various features that help you to control and monitor your internet connection. Some of the features include internet speed monitoring, touch screen panel, and parental controls. You can also control the devices that connect to this router easily, and the device can be used with any available wireless internet network. The internet services from Starry will initially only be available in Boston.