IPhone 6 plus was released last Friday and not less than a week it has been famous for its easily bending.

Here is a video which has gotten 18 million views in less than 3 days and still counting,

The aluminium foil near the two button is the thinnest and weakest spot which can bend easily under pressure of bare hands. This makes it really possible for IPhone 6 plus to bend if the phone is kept in the back pocket of a tight pant.

Did Apple really tested it ? How would Apple respond to this ?

The only posts I am seeing in my Facebook news feed for last two days is all about this. It is mostly published with tags #BendGahzi and #BendGate .

Still some people say that they would buy it for the features of it, this bend leaves a permanent mark on the Phone as its aluminium’s nature.

Here is two more videos from Unbox Therapy BendTesting IPhone 6, HTC One M8, Moto X and Galaxy Note 3 bendtest.

IPhone 6 still gets a small bend but it is durable then Iphone 6 plus. Its now your choice to choose a good durable phone unless you are a kind of person who can afford to buy new expensive phones whenever you want.