Google has released various updates for their Chrome browser for Android and iOS platforms, including the material design updates, but it seems that the company hasn’t released the material design updates for its Chrome browser for desktop. If you’ve been using Chrome for desktop for a long time, you will see that the browser looks the same, without any significant update to its material design, for a long time.

However, the latest update preview on the code’s browser shows Google’s attempts to match the desktop browser’s material design with the material design applied in the mobile version of the browser. Though the upgrade in the material design may still not be a significant upgrade, it seems that Google is working on the full material design change in its desktop version browser. Thus, there are various changes that you can expect in the next material design update applied on Chrome for Mac and PC.

Here is the list of expected updates that you can find in the future version of Google Chrome browser for desktop:

– The Incognito Mode will be presented in black theme, just like the mobile version of the Chrome browser.
chrome-new-1– Google will use a full flat-style material design for the Chrome browser for desktop with tabs having squared-off design.
– Google will use modern icons and buttons for a few icons in the user interface of the Chrome browser for desktop.
– You can see a new animation when clicking the buttons on the Chrome user interface.
– Download and Settings are getting simplified for easier use.