With the release of Windows 8, there are a lot of different views regarding the new Metro UI, or often called the modern UI, that is embedded natively on the platform. This UI is designed to be a good user interface for tablet and touch devices. With this, you can see that Microsoft want to make this OS a hybrid between desktop and tablet.

But, unfortunately, many people who have installed Windows 8 OS don’t like the appearance of the modern UI, since they think that it doesn’t make any sense for a device without any touch control (i.e. the traditional computer desktop or laptop) to utilize this fancy touch-style user interface. Another problem that lots of people are complaining about is the removal of Start Menu in Windows 8, which makes the navigation within the OS a little bit tedious to do, especially for people who have accustomed themselves to use previous versions of Windows, such as XP and 7.

So, how can you solve this problem? If you don’t want to deal with Metro UI and want the old Start Menu back to your Windows 8 OS, follow these simple tips.

1. Turning Off Modern UI From Windows 8

If you don’t like the Metro element of Windows 8, you can always skip this UI and go straight to desktop. So, when you log in to your Windows 8 OS, you will not see the Start screen, but instead you will see the regular desktop environment that you’ve always loved. How to do this? It is simple.

– While on Desktop, hover your mouse to the taskbar area and press the right click on your mouse.

– When the right-click menu shows up, click Properties.

– The dialog box will appear. You should go to Navigation tab.

– Under Start Screen option, tick the first checkbox that says “When I sign in or close all apps, go to desktop instead of Start.

– Click OK and you’re done. Now, you can restart your computer.

Following the steps above, you’ll be able to go straight to desktop when you sign in to your PC. Don’t forget to associate your files with the desktop version of your software instead of the Metro version of it. In this way, you will avoid opening your files in Metro UI.

2. Getting The Old Start Menu Back

Living without the regular Start button in Windows 8 might get you a little frustrated when using the OS, especially if this is your first time. To get the old Start button back, along with the old Start menu instead of the Metro-style Start screen, you can simply install a software called Classic Shell. This software will bring the Start menu back into your Windows 8 desktop. There are no complicated steps to use this software. You just need to download and install it on your PC and that’s it. The software can be downloaded from http://www.classicshell.net/. And yes, this is a freeware.

3. Learning To Like Windows 8 Even More

Instead of hating Windows 8 for what it is, why don’t you try to learn to use it the right way? If you want the Start menu back, you can upgrade to Windows 8.1 for free through Windows Update. Though the modern Start Screen will still be there, Windows 8.1 will make it easier for you to use the modern UI, and of course, with some other improvements on its features as well.


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