Nothing beats being outdoors and being able to pump out your favorite tunes hassle free. So which are the best buys out there? According to market price, these are the top ten Bluetooth speakers we found.

• Marley Chant – £50/US$60/AU$100

Stylish and petite at just 410g, this handy and portable speaker will have you dancing in the street to your favorite song. You can recharge via a micro USB cable, and connect other non-Bluetooth able devices. Cons – the awkward position of the speakers leave sound muffled.


• The KitSound Hive – £60/US$90/AU$100

The KitSound Hive is unrivaled in its battery life, coming to an impressive 10-hour play and the ability to be recharged via a micro USB cable. And weighing in at 375g these mini 5W speakers are value for money.

• iLuv MobiOut iSP233 – £70/US$120/AU$130

Weighing less than the KitSound, the iLuv MobiOut iSP 233 is a beauty to have, easily portable and waterproof and has the advantage of being able to recharge smartphones

• The SuperTooth Disco 2 – £70/US$85/AU$110

The SuperTooth Disco 2 brings flair to the world of sound with great audios. Standing in at 180mm, they are easily portable. The only part that made us wonder was the 12V cable used to charge these speakers.

• The Jabra Solemate – £100/US$150/AU$180

The Jabra Solemate is for life. The stylish design sets it uniquely apart, and the speakers themselves play excellently but are no replacement for the real music systems. The battery and portability department are just fine.

•Native Union Switch – £120/US$150/AU$200

If you are looking for upright speakers, then the Native Union Switch are just the bad boys for you. The sound fills a room perfectly. Its built-in battery lasts for an astounding 14 hours and permits recharge of smartphones via a USB slot.

• Jawbone Jambox – £130/US$150/AU$195

Pocket-sized is the name of the game with the Jawbone Jambox. At only 340g, these speakers are fantastic. Bluetooth pairing is seamlessly easy, and the music even fades out to accommodate incoming calls.

• Philips Fidelio P8 – £200/US$150/AU$195

Philips Fidelio P8 gives awesome sound quality here. The weight is more, but the 20W speakers pump out the best sound compared to the rest.

• Geneva Sound System Model XS DAB+ – £220/$275

A 5-hour battery, alarm capability, touch sensitive buttons, smooth Bluetooth connectivity makes these Swiss style speakers some of the best on the market.

• Libratone Zipp – £330/US$400/AU$520

Round in style, and coming in a variety of woolen sleeve colors, and AirPlay, the Libratone Zipp had us taking a double look. The main disadvantages are the short 4-hour battery life and the more than heavy weight of nearly 2kg.

• Bang & Olufsen Beolit 12 – £600/US$800/AU$1050

Bang & Olufsen Beolit 12 features great AirPlay and a sweet Danish design. Battery life is 8 hours, and these speakers are the heaviest of the lot at 2.8kg, which in our option takes them out of the portability range.

All of the above make for great play in and outdoors.

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