Samsung has been known to be the biggest competitor to Apple in the smartphone field, and the company is trying its best to beat Apple’s iPhone sales and market share wherever possible, with their flagship product, the Galaxy S Series. Now, it seems that the year 2016 might be the best year for Samsung yet, as it’s been reported that the sales of the new Galaxy S7 smartphone has topped the sales of iPhone 6S in the US.

While it might not be right to compare the sales of the newest gadget from Samsung, which was released in 2016, with the sales of Apple’s gadget that was released in 2015, it might still be a fair win for Samsung. Usually, even with the newest gadget, Samsung’s new gadget will not outsell the iPhone in the US. However, this year in particular, Samsung won the fight against iPhone in terms of sales figure. More and more people in the United States are buying Samsung’s latest Galaxy S7 gadget, leaving the iPhone 6S behind.

Of course, this figure may change later, since Apple hasn’t released its newest gadget, the iPhone 7 yet. But for now, Samsung can be proud with their achievement. Not only the sales of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 are increasing, but it is also reported that Samsung’s market share in the US is also increasing as well, topping the iPhone market share in this region. It is reported that the overall market share for Samsung in the US is 37 percent, while Apple has the overall market share of 29 percent.


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