The upcoming Galaxy S8 will be Samsung’s next big release, and rumors have been running around informing various new features that the new flagship device will have. One of these features is Bixby, Samsung’s own smart digital assistant that will be included in their new Galaxy S8 device. Bixby has similar functionalities as Google Assistant or Apple Siri, and it promises to give the users a better experience with their device.

Samsung has confirmed that they will indeed include Bixby in their upcoming Galaxy S8 device, along with other pre-installed apps that will accompany it. They also said that it will continue to expand in the future. Aside from that, Samsung will also allow various third-party developers to develop apps that are compatible with Bixby, and thus, adding its functionalities even more.

With the release of Bixby, Samsung might become another major player in the field of voice assistance, which can be on par with other voice assistance providers, such as Microsoft, Google, and Apple. Further, the company said that after the release of Bixby in their own Galaxy S8 device, they will allow the app to be available on other devices as well, not just for Samsung devices.


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