Blackberry KeyOne – The New Flagship From Blackberry Featuring Android OS And Physical Keyboard

Released at the start of 2017 (February), Blackberry KeyOne is another attempt from Blackberry to regain its dwindling market share. It’s a sleek and modern flagship device that combines the elegance of Blackberry and the popularity of Android, resulting in the unique combination of device that can give you the maximum feel of the Blackberry brand and the ease of use of the Android OS. The release of this new device is a courtesy of a partnership between TCL and Blackberry that was signed last year, with the pricing starts around $549.

The Signature Blackberry-style QWERTY Keyboard

It looks like Blackberry is still fond of its signature QWERTY keyboard style on their devices. So, the KeyOne is equipped with one physical keyboard in the usual Blackberry style to give it a different look from the other Android phones. With the existence of the physical QWERTY keyboard, you can type easily on your device, and it surely feels different from typing directly on the touch screen. The keyboard is also equipped with a fingerprint sensor on the spacebar area, as well as the touch gesture feedback to mimic the regular Blackberry trackpad.

4.5” Touch Screen Display

Since some areas of the screen are used for the physical keyboard, you are left with approximately 4.5 inch touch screen display, supported with the latest Gorilla Glass 4 technology. It means that the screen has the maximum sturdiness and clarity as available in other flagship devices. With the 3:2 aspect ratio and the full HD resolution (1620×1080), you are able to enjoy the display as sharply as possible.

Equipped With The Latest Android Version – Android 7 (Nougat)

Blackberry KeyOne is installed with the latest version of Android (Nougat), and it will likely get the future Android upgrades when it becomes available. Android 7 offers the best Android experience for high-end devices, with many new features added into the operating system, such as running two apps at the same time, virtual reality support, a smarter battery management, improved security, and many more features.

Sleek Body Design With Silver And Black Color Combinations

This device has a sleek and modern design with the combination of silver and black colors spread around the body. The main body is dominated with the black color, while the silver color surrounds the main body at the sides. The big Blackberry logo is nicely placed at the back of the device, with the modern silver color.

The Cameras

The Blackberry KeyOne offers a front-facing camera and one big camera at the back, with 12MP for the primary camera (the one on the back) and 8 MP for the secondary camera (the front-facing one). The camera supports HDR, panorama, face detection, and autofocus.

The Specs

This device comes with the powerful octa-core 2 GHz CPU, Adreno 506 GPU, and 3 GB RAM for maximum performance running the Android Nougat OS, as well as executing resource-heavy apps and games. It comes with the 32 GB internal storage, expandable to 256 GB with microSD card. It is NFC-enabled, which means that you can connect this device with other NFC-enabled devices for faster pairings. As for the battery life, it is equipped with a non-removable 3505 mAh battery to ensure that you can use this device for a long duration, with a fast battery charging feature.


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