Android has been sweeping the marketplace and other manufacturers have attempted in the past to deliver the best Android experience possible. Unfortunately, they have fallen short, and now Google has stepped into the action with their latest Smartphone release – the Pixel. This phone isn’t just the best interface ever created for Google’s flagship mobile product; it’s also an incredible product in its own right.

There are actually two versions of the Pixel. The first is the regular Pixel, which a screen size of 5 inches, while the Pixel XL – which sells for $120 more – has a 5.5-inch screen. The phones are equipped with the latest incarnation of the Android OS – Nougat is the current latest – and an amazing Google Assistant that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without once you start using her – err…it.

But that’s not all. You also get the fastest processor that has been produced so far by Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 821, and an amazing AMOLED display. Plus, the camera is better than any other smartphone camera out there and there is a lot more surprises that you’ll find after you start to use it as well. This means that Google’s new phone is competing with the iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for smartphone users, although only with Samsung for Android diehards.

The auto HDR+ photos that come from the rear facing camera may be absolutely incredible, but the front facing camera is pretty impressive as well. This is an 8-megapixel camera that takes great selfies and when you turn on video mode, you get 40 frames per second and 4K resolution. You’ll also get stabilization included with the phone that makes it so that you’ll never have to spend money on a stabilizer for action photography with your phone.

One of the things that just didn’t work was the actual design of the phone. In a word: it’s boring. There is a great deal of space down at the bottom where the screen ends which doesn’t really serve a purpose as far as we could tell. You can get a case for your Pixel to spruce it up but on its own, the Pixel looks like an iPhone knockoff – a bad one.

The audio is pretty good, but the speakers are located on the bottom and the industry should be moving towards front-facing speakers like the Nexus showcased not too long ago. The phone also features 4 Gigs of RAM and the operating system is actually pretty impressive over what has been the standard with Android.

One more quick thing we’ll mention: the battery life on the Pixel is not terrible, but there isn’t anything special about it either. You basically get a day of use from the battery if you use your phone like most people. If you spend all day on it, you may need to charge it once or maybe even twice.

So, the bottom line here is that the phone is fast, and the operating system is great. But there are still problems that Google needs to address, and hopefully they will with the Pixel 2.


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