Latest Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors

While the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 is not yet officially released or announced, the rumor surrounding the new Samsung’s flagship device is coming out even stronger by the day. More and more information is being leaked about this new device, including its possible release date, the features to expect, price, and design. So, here’s what you can expect from the upcoming Galaxy S8 based on the current rumors.

Release Date

According to a poster released by the company, the release date of Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to be somewhere around April 2017, which is next month. Samsung might start opening their pre-order of Galaxy S8 in the coming weeks.


The price of the regular Galaxy S8 is supposed to be around $800, while the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus will be priced at around $900.


The design of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 is based on the previous Galaxy S7 phones, and therefore, you will see many tweaks on the design here and there. Three colors will be available for the new device, which are black, silver, and gray.

The Features

Samsung will include various new features in their upcoming Galaxy S8, such as a new facial recognition feature and improved VR experience. Aside from the device itself, Samsung will also release some add-ons for these devices, which are GearVR, Gear360, and DeX.


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