Apple just released its fiscal financial report last Tuesday, the reports was for its first quarter for the year 2017. Both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus were a huge hit among Christmas shoppers. The company reveals that the record sales were huge for the iPhone 7, but it is even better for the iPhone 7 plus.

Apple managed to sell around 3.5 million units during the holiday quarter as it sets a new record high for the company. Cook didn’t divulge the actual numbers for the upgraders this year, but he said that it was similar to last year. But they did have a problem with the supplies this year and claimed that he can’t draw too many conclusions because of it.

Apple CFO Luca Maestri said that the upgrade rate is similar from last year, but didn’t divulge any numbers. The iPhone 7 plus was the popular one between the two models. Most of the sales are coming from China and added that 50% of iPhone sales came from switchers and first-time buyers. Maestri added that the user base of iPhone is growing bigger than before as it steals the users of Android-based phones.

Verto Analytics, a company that focuses on the measurement of the device and the app usage in the US, claimed that around 610,000 mobile device owners “move to iOS app in December”. The data suggest that the increase in sales was because of the surge of iOS users in December.


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