Monitors are incredibly cool these days and companies are bigger and better than ever. One example of that innovation is the electronics manufacturer Acer. Not only are they creating gaming monitors, but they are actually creating some really incredible gaming laptops and desktops. They are all part of a product line called Predator, and the Predator X34 is their current entry into the market of massive gaming monitors.

The Predator X34 is going to do a whole lot for the upcoming batch of video games, thanks to the quad high-definition resolution it boasts – 3,330×1440. Plus, the monitor has Nvidia’s own G-sync technology embedded in it so that any graphics problems get resolved in real time. The monitor also incorporates an IPS panel and many experts are predicting this monitor to be the new favorite among gamers.

But the monitor sells for about $1000 and there are some things about it that might make you reluctant to spend that much money. That’s why we’re going to take a look at each aspect of the monitor and determine whether it is a solid buy or not.

Design: The design is really great. The monitor is curved, which you might think is just a pretentious aesthetics move, but it is actually for gaming immersion. The bezels are only a centimeter wide on this monitor and even the larger bottom bezel only measures an inch thick.

Durability: This seems like it would be less durable thanks to the minimalism of design that is going on. But there is a base made of out two metal feet that make a “V” shape and then there is a rear support leg as well. This monitor isn’t going to tip over and it still has plenty of heft to it to make sure it will stand up to a little moving.

Performance: When it comes to graphics performance, this monitor is really impressive. With the huge HD resolution and a 21:9 aspect ratio, plus the included G-Sync technology, this monitor would be pretty amazing right there. But when you add in an IPS panel, it becomes almost otherworldly.

Immersion: The curve of the monitor isn’t just a cool style feature; it actually slightly pushes the edges of the screen around to the corners of your eyes so that the picture actually stays in focus, even as wide as it is. This simply wouldn’t work on a flat screen with a 21:9 aspect ratio.

The Gripes: Of course, there are a couple of things that could be improved with this monitor. For one thing, it just doesn’t have enough inputs. You get a Display Port and an HDMI Port and a USB hub and that’s it. That means that you can only hook up one PC and perhaps one other small media device.  Plus, for some reason, the speakers push sound behind the monitor, making it muffled. That means that you need to plug your own speakers in to hear properly.

Bottom Line: Not perfect, but really good. The immersion technology is really amazing and most gamers have a set of speakers anyway, so the recommendation is yes.


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